Games are generally more fun when there is a friend along for the ride. There’s also nothing better than hanging out with some good friends and killing monsters, farming resources in a good coop game. So with that in mind, here’s a list of the best coop games on both PC and Steam. 

The best coop games to play with friends on Steam

The following list will contain some of what we consider the best cooperative games available on the PC market. These games will also fall under the order of personal favorites to established classics.

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Best Coop GamesDescriptionWhere to buy?
BaronyMade by Turning Wheel LLC, Barony is a small but decent dungeon crawler that features a highly engaging gameplay loop of trying to survive a dungeon with friends to defeat an evil Baron. Players will also need to avoid traps, slay trolls, secure tons of loot and equip the neckless of strangulation (Don’t) to survive in this awesome dungeon crawler. Steam
The AscentThe Ascent takes place in a distant Cyberpunk future on some remote colony controlled by a dying corporation. The Ascent plays like a top-down twin-stick shooter cross between an ARPG, and players play hired guns and must wage war through gangs, corporate goon squads, and all sorts of aliens and mutant creatures.
It’s loads of fun and a perfect game to relax, kick open a cold one of your favorite drinks, and play with some friends after a hard day of work. If you want to learn more about the Ascent, we have a guide on if you should buy The Ascent and several guides for The Ascent.
Tribes of MidgardTribes of Midgard is a coop rougelite cross between an ARPG where players must team up with other players to defend a village from all matter of creatures based on Nordic myths and legends.
The game is also insanely fun with friends and is geared towards cooperative play and even suggests playing with up to 10 friends. We highly recommend it and if you need help, we have a ton of guides for Tribes of Midgard.
7 Days To DieSurviving the last days of civilization is always a concept worth exploring with friends. Such is the case with 7 Days To Die and why it is such a fun experience that becomes even better with friends. It’s also awesome to Build a base, survive horde nights, and scavenge for resources in this indie survival game.Steam
Crusader Kings IIICrusader Kings III is a game of political intrigue set in the backdrop of early medieval history all the way to the early 1400s. It’s also a game that’s insanely fun to play with friends as it allows you to form alliances and build a dynasty with the help of your friends. We love it and highly recommend backstabbing your friends as soon as possible.Steam
Deep Rock GalacticAnother decent and highly engaging coop game is Deep Rock Galactic, a game where you play as a dwarf and wack and shoot space bugs. What’s not love? The game also features crafting multiple random gen missions, and some interesting end game missions, and the option to get black out drunk before a fight.Steam

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