There are many different types of video games, all allowing you to partake in various activities. These can range from slaying enemies to constructing a burger. Cooking video games can be relaxing, creative, or even downright stressful.

Best Games in the Cooking Genre

Read below to find the best culinary video games to indulge in.

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked 2 is a stress-inducing, yet ultimately rewarding, multiplayer cooking game. Players will help others make burgers, cook soup, and much more. All of this is done under extreme time crunches and challenge quirks. Once you get the hang of this tough game, it is both fun and satisfying.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar

Cooking Mama: Cookstar is the latest installment of the well-known cooking simulation game. Your player journeys through multiple leveled recipes, trying to perfect them under the guidance of Mama. Try not to mess up the recipe though, you don’t want to see Mama angry!

Campfire Cooking

This game is a puzzle-based cooking game that has players in a camp setting while they complete missions. Players in Campfire Cooking get to see beautiful campsites from all across the world. There are also some fun tidbits of the, like getting to hear campfire conversations.

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Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator sports stylish and semi-realistic graphics that leave a beautiful-looking game. Players work shifts as a chef for a restaurant, fulfilling order tickets under time and requirement constraints. This game is straightforward but very enjoyable.

Cook, Serve, Delicious 3

This game is unique on this list in that it takes place in a dystopian version of America. In Cook, Serve, Delicious 3, players journey across America preparing and serving food while upgrading their skills and equipment. CSD 3 offers a vibrant and almost spooky setting that makes it stand out.

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