Cookie Run: Kingdom has plenty of battle-focused game modes that require you to deploy your toughest Cookies and win battles against monsters and other players. While most Cookies perform well in the right team and with the right build, there are a few that stand out for their powerful kits that can annihilate enemies or do a great job at supporting other Cookies in the team.

Read on to find out the best Cookies in the game that you want to aim for in your Gacha pulls.

Hollyberry Cookie

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Hollyberry Cookie is one of the five Ancient Cookies and one of the hardest to obtain through Gacha due to the low pull rates. She’s a Defense Cookie with potential in both PvE and PvP teams, and still has a strong place in the PvP meta despite Cocoa Cookie’s release. Hollyberry is a true tank who can absorb 20 percent of DMG inflicted on other Cookies in the team with her Skill, coupled with an extremely high HP and Defense to sustain herself amid the DMG absorption.

Sea Fairy Cookie

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Where Cookie rarities are concerned, Legendary Cookies like Sea Fairy are just as rare as their Ancient counterparts. Sea Fairy Cookie is a Bomber with an extremely powerful Skill that can dish out massive AoE DMG while stunning the five closest enemies. She’s a PvP powerhouse that has occupied the meta throne since her release—and she continues to dominate despite newer versatile contenders. The queen of PvP is also no joke in the PvE field, with the ability to annihilate enemies even in the late game.

Frost Queen Cookie

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Frost Queen Cookie is a Legendary Magic Cookie who can deal massive AoE DMG and freeze all enemies, rendering them and their Skill Cooldowns useless within a two-second window. Frost Queen is a PvP staple and an amazing choice against hordes of enemies in World Adventure and Tropical Soda Islands. However, Frost Queen’s DMG output is reliant on the secondary DMG that occurs after enemies are thawed out of their frozen state. As bosses can’t be frozen, she isn’t the best choice against them.

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Pure Vanilla Cookie

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Pure Vanilla Cookie is an Ancient Healing Cookie that’s best categorized as a straightforward healer. His Skill heals the entire team’s HP based on his ATK stat and envelopes them in a shield that adds 20 percent to each Cookie’s HP for three seconds. When timed correctly, the shield can protect the team against burst attacks that would have normally one-shotted them. While Pure Vanilla doesn’t have a do-it-all kit, he’s a healer that excels at what he does, whether in PvE or PvP modes.

Cocoa Cookie

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Cocoa Cookie is the game’s cocoa-obsessed darling and an Epic Defense Cookie with a jam-packed kit that can heal, sustain, and deal DMG. While she can’t attack enemies when her Skill is on cooldown, she can continuously heal three allies with the lowest HP. And when her Skill is up, she rolls around in a giant mug of Cocoa and charges at the frontlines, heals all allies, and makes them immune to stuns. When Sea Fairy Cookie is in the enemy lineup, you want Cocoa Cookie in your team to counter.

Dark Choco Cookie

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Dark Choco Cookie is an Epic Charge Cookie that excels at dealing a quick surge of Burst DMG while inflicting a debuff that reduces the enemies’ Defense by 20 percent for seven seconds. This Skill is invaluable against tanky enemies, such as World Exploration bosses, the Guild boss, and opponents like Hollyberry in PvP. Dark Choco has been around since the beginning of the game but still remains an important Cookie that deserves your EXP Star Jellies.

Cotton Cookie

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Cotton Cookie is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades. Despite being an Epic Support Cookie, she also summons creatures that can charge at enemies and deal damage, heal allies, buff all summons’ ATK, and stun enemies. She’s best slotted in summoner teams with the likes of Pumpkin Pie and Licorice, and has dominated the PvP meta since her release.

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Twizzly Gummy Cookie

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Twizzly Gummy Cookie is an Epic Ranged Cookie and is unapologetically built as a counter to Pure Vanilla team comps in PvP. Her Skill’s single-hit DMG is nearly twice higher against Cookies, nullifies HP shields, and deals an astronomical amount of DPS with a 350 percent Skill Crit DMG. Most importantly, Twizzly Gummy shoots out a massive laser beam with an Electrojelly Gun. You can’t go wrong with that!

Pumpkin Pie Cookie

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Pumpkin Pie is an Epic Magic Cookie who summons a giant creature called Pompon, which has a ton of utility. Pompon deals AoE DMG to up to three enemies, decreases the amount of healing enemies receive by 70 percent, and increases the ATK speed of all ally summons. Moreover, Pompon can act as a secondary tank for the team, helping mitigate some damage received. While Pumpkin Pie is a PvP queen that can counter healers like Pure Vanilla, her heal debuff isn’t useful in PvE, as most enemies don’t have dedicated healers.

Licorice Cookie

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Licorice is an Epic Magic Cookie in disguise and a secondary tank in practice. While he himself is just as squishy as any Magic Cookie, his summons are on another league of their own. His Skill summons Licorice Servants that increases the team’s Defense by 20 percent for seven seconds (applies to the summons as well) and deals a high amount of DPS. Whether PvP or PvE, Licorice excels in aiding your team’s survivability.

While that rounds up our list of the best Cookies, there are so many amazing Cookies in the game, and it’s important to build a team with Skills that work together instead of a mishmash of all the best Cookies. Some other top picks include Strawberry Crepe, Black Raisin, Herb, Latte, Espresso, Sorbet Shark, and Moon Rabbit—so give them a chance when you luck out at the Gacha.

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