When TERA Online was released in western markets back in 2012, the action-oriented gameplay really helped it stand out when MMOs were desperately copying and trying to keep up with World of Warcraft. With such a unique system and varied classes, many players were thrown into the deep end in terms of what class worked best for them. So, we have the best classes for your particular play style for new players or those returning after a hiatus.


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Lancers fulfill the traditional role of a tank with their heavy armor and shields. Poking at enemies with their lances, they are the very definition of a “meat shield.” While they’re not very mobile, they have the highest durability in TERA Online. Lancers are great for dungeons and group play but can be a slog if playing solo content.


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The slayer is the quintessential melee DPS class focused on devastating attacks with their oversized greatsword. Able to dance around foes and well-suited to knocking them down, Slayers are great in a group or solo adventurer. Their combos will take some getting used to but are a thing of beauty once mastered.


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One of TERA Online’s ranged magical classes, Sorcerers offer tremendous damage output at the cost of survivability. They are very much the definition of a glass cannon. They are viable as a solo class with smart play and really shine in a group with a tank taking all of their hits.


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Priests are the very definition of a healer, and their healing arts are unparalleled in TERA Online. Much like the Lancer, Priests can be slow to level in solo play and are best served in groups. Look no further than the Priest for those looking for a core healing experience.


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The Reaper was TERA Online’s first new class since the game’s release. It is limited to Elins only, which is a point of consternation amongst players. That being said, the Reaper is a devastating DPS class capable of huge output at close and mid-range, thanks to their chain blades and dark magic. They are equally comfortable in both a group or solo setting.

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