Steelrising is set in an alternative 1789, where the French revolution is being pushed back by rampaging automats. You play as Aegis as she explores Paris and attempts to overthrow the Tyrant King. Aegis has four starting classes, and your choice is important; here is a complete class tier list for Steelrising.

Steelrising Class Tier List

TierSteelrising Class
S TierDancer
A TierSoldier, Alchemist
B TierBodyguard

Best Classes in Steelrising, Ranked


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The best starting class in Steelrising is the Dancer. The Dancer starts with Armored Fans, a solid Agility weapon with the Shield special move, enabling you to block damage. Agility increases your weapon scaling with Agility weapons, while Vigor improves your endurance and critical hit multiplier.


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The Soldier class starts the game with the Gribeauval Halberd weapon. The Halberd is a Power scaling weapon with a ranged attack special move and long reach combos. The Soldier also has Power and Vigor as their starting attributes. Power increases your scaling with the Halberd, making this scale easy to hit the ground running. 


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The Alchemist is a unique starting class option. The Alchemist has the Glass-Core Batons weapons, which special move applies the frost affliction to your weapon. This class is focused on using the different affliction types on enemies. The downside is that enemies often resist one or more of the three affliction types, which will lower your overall effectiveness, especially when dealing with bosses. 


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The Bodyguard is the weakest class in Steelrising, but still effective. The Body of Work starting weapon has the Shield special move. This weapon is a heavy, slow weapon that can be difficult to use. Body of Work is a Power weapon, and the Bodyguard’s starting attributes are Durability and Engineering. This class has the lowest overall starting damage. 

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