Cinderace is a ranged attacker that moves quickly and can inflict massive damage. Most of Cinderace’s moves work in tandem with one another by either buffing, reducing cooldowns, or healing while attacking. Below is a list of items and abilities that will create the best build when playing Cinderace.


  • Low Sweep
    • Allows Cinderace to make a dash attack, moving him in the designated direction while dealing damage to any opposing Pokemon in the way.
  • Pyro Ball
    • Kicks a ball of flame in a designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and leaving them burned. The upgraded version will reduce the cooldown of Flame Charge or Feint.
  • Feint
    • Increases the user’s speed and leaves them invulnerable for a short time. Once upgraded, basic attacks will heal the user.

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  • Muscle Band
    • Increases damage of basic attacks.
  • Scope Lens
    • Increases damage of basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokemon’s damage the higher the increase.
  • Float Stone
    • Increases the Pokemon’s movement speed when not in combat.
  • Eject Button
    • Quickly moves the Pokemon in the designated direction.

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