Support characters are very important in Evil Dead: The Game, and Cheryl Williams is one of the best. A good Cheryl Williams can outheal the damage dealt by the Demon’s Boss and carry the team. Stocking up on Shemp’s Cola, she can reliably heal all teammates within a small radius. These are the best Cheryl Williams builds in Evil Dead: The Game.

Cheryl Williams Builds

Cheryl Williams starts the match off with a Shemp’s Cola and the skill Cola Coaster. She is able to carry six at a time in her Inventory. Her Active Skill, Healing Touch, creates a healing circle that recovers her and her teammate’s health by 80 HP per second for six seconds.

At level 10, Cheryl unlocks the Contact Courage skill. This allows Cheryl to reduce her and her nearby teammate’s fear by 25 when drinking a Shemp’s Cola. At level 25, Cheryl unlocks her best skill, Contact Healing. This causes Cheryl to heal her teammates for 100 HP every time she drinks a Shemp’s Cola.

Reviving Healer

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Utilizing Cheryl’s support capabilities, this build revolves around stocking up on as many Shemp’s Colas as possible to be able to heal throughout the match. Deep Pockets: Shemp’s Cola is taken so that Cheryl can carry up to eight Colas at a time. First Aid provides Cheryl with the ability to revive Survivors and give them more HP, and Packing Pop lets Cheryl start the match with up to three Colas.

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Good Karma and Brave Survivor make it so Cheryl can benefit from reviving Survivors and can drastically lower the chances of them being possessed since their fear level is unable to rise. Good Karma lets Cheryl potentially save Colas she would otherwise use on herself by reviving Survivors. The remaining points can be put anywhere, but Artful Dodger allows players to avoid damage and potentially heal Cheryl and others during an encounter with a boss or possessed unit.

Objective Healer

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Rather than putting points into skills that give Cheryl an incentive to revive, players can spec into Fast Forward to decrease the timer during objective events. Below the skill are Deep Pockets: Amulets, which makes it so Cheryl can carry more Amulets. When she uses them, Survivors in a radius will receive Shields from them as well. Reinforced Amulet also increases Cheryl’s damage reduction, further bolstering her overall defenses.

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