Super People battle royale is currently in its closed beta testing phase, and the game has 12 unique characters that players can select. Each character belongs to a specific class, and they provide a unique weapon, armor, and movement upgrades to players. Here are the best five classes to use in Super People battle royale!


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Perhaps the strongest class in Super People right now is Teleporter. Players get the ability to change their location with this character instantly. At the same time, all of the perks for this character are designed to balance attack and defense. Make sure to pop those capsules to unlock the full potential of Teleporter in Super People!


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The Driver class is more than just an escape gimmick in Super People. The perks of this character are designed to outplay enemies with vehicular advantage. You can call a Monster Truck and commandeer any vehicle near this character.


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Nuclear is undoubtedly the most popular character in Super People. The ultimate ability for this character allows players to devastate opponents with a nuclear strike. Nuclear’s perks are designed to encourage and reward aggressive gameplay, and this character can also support teammates when needed.


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Sniper is definitely the best class for precision rifle enthusiasts who love to take the fight from a distance. This character is stacked with high-damage perks and can even summon an air-strike targetted on an enemy location.


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Seeker is perhaps one of the strongest yet underrated characters in Super People. Players get increased mobility with this character and can recon opponents’ locations with some of the perks. The Heartbeat detector is one of the iconic abilities of this class, and his quick slide makes the Seeker one of the most difficult characters to compete against in the new battle royale!

Normally, players will automatically get a random class selection before entering a match, but they can pick a specific class by paying around 500 gold coins for any game.

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