Omega Strikers combined fast-paced gameplay with strategic action in 3v3 matches. With only three characters per team, it really matters which character you choose. This may leave you wondering who the best characters in Omega Strikers are.

All characters in Omega Strikers, ranked

SAsher, Era, Estelle, Juliette, Luna, Kai
AAtlas, Drak’Ar, X

Best Omega Strikers characters

When it comes to the best character, they must excel in one of three areas: defending, attacking, and midfield. Some characters specialize in one of these areas, while others can perform two or all three. Here are our recommendations for the best Omega Strikers characters.

  • Asher:
    • Asher is a powerhouse of a character that could be assumed to be primarily a defender, but she also excels at offensive. She is an absolutely oppressive character that can steamroll opponents and the core into the goal with Pathsplitter and Breakthrough. These allow her to pressure the enemy goalkeeper, either forcing an error or earning a knockout.
  • Era:
    • Era earns a spot as one of the best characters in Omega Strikers due to her ability to buff and debuff. Her Bewitching Beam can shrink opponents, weakening and slowing them while also increasing your ally’s strength and size at the same time. Her special, Magic Maelstorm, can secure kills on unsuspecting players, clear your opponents out of space, or simply push the core in for the goal.
  • Estelle:
    • Estelle is one of the strongest strikers in the game, with most of her kit allowing her to score easily. Piercing Shot is a good skill to use when the core is further away from you or you need to snipe an opposing player with low stagger. Crystal Thorn functions as a wide-hitting ability, allowing you to cover a large around Estelle to hit multiple enemies or strike the core.
  • Juliette:
    • Most would assume that Juliette is a basic character due to her role, but she can be terrifying in the arena. She can move quickly around the playing field with her Flying Phoenix ability and also push opponents for the knockout with this ability. This, combined with her ability to harass defenders and make powerplays give Juliette a lot of versatility.
  • Kai:
    • Like Juliette, Kai has a lot of versatility, but he can be used more defensively. His Blazing Pace ability buffs his speed and lets him excel in a midfield position. Kai can also be a great goalkeeper due to his Barrage ability. This hits several times, preventing your opponent from simply striking the core back to your goal when you block their initial shot.
  • Luna:
    • Luna requires a bit more mastery than other characters in this tier, but she can be devastating when used properly. Her W.H.A.M.M.Y. ability allows her to snipe goals all the way from your goal, effectively letting her play the field regardless of her position. B.O.O.S.T. gives her great mobility that can be used to return to defend her goal or push forward to strike.

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