Apex Legends Arenas mode is a 3 vs. 3 team deathmatch on smaller maps. Arenas is also round-based, with buy phases in between rounds to purchase weapons, equipment and abilities, much like Valorant or CS:GO. Since Arenas operates differently than battle royale, the best characters to use differs as well. Some legends have abilities that shine in Arenas, while others have abilities that do not have much use outside of battle royale. Here are the best characters to use in Arenas during Season 10.


Gibraltar is a walking tank, which can be extremely useful in Arenas mode. Since the fights are limited to a smaller space, Gibraltar’s Dome Shield and Bombardment are dangerous abilities in most Arenas maps. On top of his ability to hunker down and do damage, Gibraltar also acts as a makeshift medic with his ability to revive teammates more quickly within his dome.

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All of Seer’s abilities are perfect tools for Arenas mode. His Heartbeat sensor passive reveals enemies within 100m, making it nearly impossible to avoid being tracked shortly into the round. His tactical ability has to be used at close range, but causes damage, tracks enemies for a long time, and reveals their health, which is a jack-of-all-trades ability. His ultimate ability may be the most useful in Arenas, as it covers such a large space and tracks footsteps.


Bangalore is a solid character in most situations. Her smoke grenade tactical ability has two free uses in Arenas and up to five charges can be stored. Bangalore’s passive is also extremely helpful in Arenas since it is a fast-paced game with lots of concentrated shooting. Bangalore’s ultimate ability covers a lot of space and the slow inflicted by the missiles can be a great way to rush opponents.


Fuse’s abilities are based on dishing out damage to opponents with area-of-effect attacks and grenades. Fuse is capable of cutting off opponents and punishing them with damage from his tactical and ultimate ability. Fuse also received a buff in Season 10 that doubles the duration of his Knucklecluster tactical and his ultimate ability now reveals enemies inside the ring of fire, which gives him a bit of recon and some zone control.


With the fast-paced action in Arenas Mode, Revenant shines with his Death Totem and ability to shut down all other abilities. Revenant’s tactical ability lasts for 10 seconds, giving his team valuable time without enemy abilities being launched if they were hit. The Death Totem ultimate is one of the best ways to quickly overwhelm the other team without giving them a chance to retreat and heal.

While many players can be effective with any legend in Arenas mode, some legends’ kits are just not as effective in Arenas. For example, Loba’s Black Market Boutique ultimate can be useful in Arenas, but it is only a fraction as effective as it is in battle royale. Another legend that suffers from this is Crypto. Although his recon is very useful, most of his drone actions like grabbing banners and respawning teammates are obsolete in Arenas.

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