NBA 2K23 is a basketball simulation game where you can become the best player in the league. To do that first you need to decide which position will you play. A center is a very interesting choice as some of the best players in the game are bigs. Just look at the two-time MVP Nikola Jokić or Joe Embiid. Here is how to create the best center build in MyCareer mode.

Best Center Build for MyCareer in NBA 2K23

Body Settings for Center Build in NBA 2K23

  • Height: 7’0″
  • Weight: 265lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’6″

Most Important Attributes for Center Build in NBA 2K23

  • Block: 90
  • Strength: 91
  • Stamina: 89
  • Close Shot: 91
  • Defensive Rebound: 92
  • Three-Point Shot: 84

Best Takeovers for Center Build in NBA 2K23

  • Primary Takeover: Advance Post Moves
  • Secondary Takeover: Post Shot Daggers

Which NBA team to select for Center in MyCareer

Memphis Grizzlies Center Build in NBA 2K23

  • The Memphis Grizzlies are one of the youngest and most talented squads in the NBA. But what they lack is a great center. They have serviceable Steven Adams, but he is offensively limited, and sometimes even unplayable in playoffs. Here, the starting center spot is yours to take.

Toronto Raptors Center Build in NBA 2K23

  • The Toronto Raptors have very talented forwards, but they can’t disguise themselves as centers. Small-ball isn’t always the answer, as you still have to rebound and keep elite bigs from the paint. The Raptors realistically don’t have an elite center on their roster, which is a perfect situation for you.

Golden State Warriors Center Build in NBA 2K23

  • If you want to win no matter what, The Golden State Warriors with Steph Curry is the best team to select. This is a championship-caliber team on a quest for a repeat, but they’re vulnerable in the paint. If your center is a 3-point threat with defensive skills, you’ll enjoy playing here.

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