Caramel Arrow Cookie is an Epic Ranged Cookie. But unlike other characters in the Ranged class, she occupies the front position due to her affinity for both close and long-range attacks. She first appeared in the Heroes of Dark Cacao story, having served as the First Watcher of the Dark Cacao Kingdom before her unfair banishment due to Affogato Cookie’s schemes.

Arrow of Resolution: Few enemies can keep their wits when they see the twin blades turning into a bow! Caramel Arrow Cookie performs a ranged attack (targets Cookies first) and leaves an Arrow Mark on the hit enemy. After the ranged attack, the Arrow Mark explodes when Caramel Arrow Cookie rushes toward the enemy, dealing DMG proportional to the enemy’s Max HP (this DMG is capped at 300,000). During the ranged attack, Caramel Arrow Cookie receives a buff that makes her immune to debuffs. While Caramel Arrow Cookie is using her Skill, she will become resistant to interrupting effects.

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Ranged ATK duration: eight seconds
  • Single hit DMG: 88.3 percent
  • Arrow Mark: lasts for 12 seconds, stacks up to 12 times
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Cookies): 22.1 percent
  • DMG relative to Max HP (Others): 2.2 percent
  • Debuff Immunity duration: eight seconds

There’s a lot going on in Caramel Arrow Cookie’s kit, but it can be broken down into two parts: a close-combat and a long-ranged attack. First, her Skill activates her long-ranged attack, which will continuously deal DMG for eight seconds. Every time she hits the enemy with her long-ranged attack, she will leave an Arrow Mark. When the Skill duration is over, Caramel Cookie will switch to close-combat attacks, prompting the Arrow Mark to explode and deal even more DMG to the affected enemies.

Caramel Arrow Cookie is best used as a DPS unit against bosses or Arena battles. In particular, she makes up the new one-shot cheese comp alongside Gingerbrave, Kumiho Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, and Dark Cacao Cookie.

There are a few ways to build Caramel Arrow Cookie:

  • Full Searing Raspberry build: It’s a straightforward build that maximizes Caramel Arrow’s DMG output.
  • x3 Searing Raspberry and x2 Bouncy Caramel build: Bouncy Caramels add the wielder’s ATK speed, which can help Caramel Arrow’s Skill hit faster. This, in turn, will allow her to squeeze in another hit or two before the Skill duration ends.

Regardless of which build you choose, make sure to slot in Crit Rate bonus stats to further increase Caramel Arrow Cookie’s DMG output. If you find it hard to keep her alive on the frontlines, consider adding some DMG Resist bonus stats as well.

For Treasures, opt for DMG-boosting options like the Old Pilgrim’s School and Grim-Looking Scythe. Since Caramel Arrow is best used against bosses and the Arena, the Pilgrim’s Slingshot could also be viable to carry around.

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