Players can combine weapons and Sigils to make different builds in Metal Hellsinger. While the core gameplay won’t change, Sigils can change how players go about the game differently. They all incentivize playing a particular way and, when paired with certain weapons, can make the game a lot easier to get through. These are the best builds in Metal Hellsinger.

Best Builds in Metal Hellsing

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Players will have to complete Torments to unlock the right Sigils to take advantage of most of these builds. The weapons are mostly interchangeable apart from when using the Ghost Rounds Sigil.

Unlimited Ammo

Ghost Rounds is a Sigil that will cause players not to expend ammo when switching weapons. Using this with Ultimate Sovereignty, a Sigil that passively gains ultimate charge will give players their Ultimate for multiple weapons very quickly. The Vulcan especially benefits from this build as it normally can only fire twice before reloading. You can use either Persephone or The Hounds, as they have very strong ultimates and can benefit from not having to expend ammo.

Low HP, Full DPS

Last Breath is a Sigil that increases the damage the player deals with whenever they have low Health. Paired up with Ultimate Sovereignty, this build revolves around doing as much damage as possible. This build may not be viable for players who struggle with getting hit, but as players get better, it can double the damage that players deal with their final upgraded Sigil.

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Fury Raiser

Fury can be difficult to keep up for players that have trouble staying on beat. Streak Guardian and The Perfectionist are fantastic Sigils that can keep players rewarded for doing well while having less penalty for getting hit or attacking offbeat. Players can play with any weapon they want as this combo doesn’t rely on ammo or Health and instead focuses on performance.

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