There are many characters to choose from in Omega Strikers, but you will want to pick one that meshes with your playstyle and team synergy. You may think that because Juliette is unlocked at the start, she isn’t good. This is simply not the case, as she is a strong brawler and forward. Check out our recommendations for the best Juliette build below.

Best Trainings for Juliette in Omega Strikers – Best Juliette Perks

Trainings are passive perks you can equip to your character. You are allowed three of them, and they can alter your character’s ability and play style. Equipping the right Trainings is essential for maximizing your efficiency. What Trainings you should use depend on if you intend to play forward or as the goalie. Here are our recommendations for the best Trainings for Juliette in Omega Strikers.

Best Juliette Forward build in Omega Strikers

Juliette’s kit encourages you to get in your opponent’s face and beat the tar out of them. Crossover ensures that you are getting speed boosts and lets you move across the arena quickly. Extra Special lets you use your special, Flame Flurry more often, which is a great tool for stunning and staggering. With Tempo Swing, you can increase your power and heal at the same time as you will often be battling other players.

  • Crossover
    • Strikes gain 35% haste for 1.5s.
  • Extra Special
    • Special Ability cooldown reduced by 15%. Starting a new round reduces its remaining cooldown by 15s.
  • Tempo Swing
    • Light, medium, heavy hits deal bonus damage equal to 2, 3, 4% of your max stagger and heal for 150% of that amount.

Best Juliette Goalkeeper build in Omega Strikers

Juliette is not suited for a goalkeeper position, but if you find yourself playing that role, you will want to equip the right Trainings. Built Differently is a must as it increases Juliette’s size and lets her hit aggressive forwards harder. Super Surge increases the distance of Flying Phoenix, letting you make clutch saves from across the goal. Finally, Heavy Handed powers up Flame Flurry, a powerful tool for damaging enemies and stopping the core.

  • Super Surge
    • Movement abilities hit 20% harder. Dashes and blinks gain 50% travel range. Hastes are 50% faster.
  • Built Differently
    • Gain 35% and hit 5% harder.
  • Heavy Handed
    • Hit 8% harder. Increased to 16% for heavy hits.

How to play Juliette in Omega Strikers – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Juliette is a hyper-aggressive character that wants to get in your opponent’s face and smash them. We recommend using Juliette as a forward, particularly to harass the opposing team or overwhelm them and score. While you can play goalkeeper, she far excels as a forward.

You will want to stay forward and remain open for passes from your defenders or get in your opponent’s face and harass them. Her abilities have strong knockback and damage, meaning you can stagger or knockout opponents close to the edge easily. She is also great for attacking the goalie while a teammate shoots the core into the goal.

We recommend saving Flying Phoenix for when you need to close the distance or when you have a chance to push an opponent out of the arena. Fiery Fist and Flame Flurry can be used freely to shoot the core, block a shot, or simply beat on an opposing player.

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