There are many characters to choose from in Omega Strikers, but you will want to pick on that meshes with your playstyle and team synergy. One character that is dominating the meta is Era. If you are interested in Era, check out our build, Training, and strategy recommendations below.

Best Trainings for Era in Omega Strikers – Best Era Perks

Trainings are passive perks you can equip to your character. You are allowed three of them, and they can alter your character’s ability and play style. Equipping the right Trainings is essential for maximizing your efficiency. What Trainings you should use depend on if you intend to play forward or as the goalie. Here are our recommendations for the best Trainings for Era in Omega Strikers.

Best Era Forward build in Omega Strikers

This build is focused on harassing the enemy, buffing/debuffing, and scoring. The speed boost from Crossover pairs nicely with your Flutter Fly ability. Cast to Last increases both your buffs and debuffs, putting more pressure on the opposing team and supporting your allies further. Lastly, Magic Maelstrom is Era’s most powerful ability, so Extra Special increases how often you can use this.

  • Crossover
    • Strikes gain 35% haste for 1.5s.
  • Extra Special
    • Special Ability cooldown reduced by 15%. Starting a new round reduces its remaining cooldown by 15s.
  • Cast to Last
    • Ability buffs and hastes cast and received last 100% longer. Ability debuffs you inflict last 100% longer.

Best Era Goalkeeper build in Omega Strikers

This build takes what strengths Era has as a goalkeeper and increases them. Super Surge will help your allies out by increasing the effectiveness of Flutter Fly. Built Differently gives you a little more power and bulk so you can defend more efficiently. And Extra Special increases how often you can cast Magic Maelstrom, which is good offensively and defensively.

  • Super Surge
    • Movement abilities hit 20% harder. Dashes and blinks gain 50% travel range. Hastes are 50% faster.
  • Built Differently
    • Gain 35% and hit 5% harder.
  • Extra Special
    • Special Ability cooldown reduced by 15%. Starting a new round reduces its remaining cooldown by 15s.

How to play Era in Omega Strikers

We recommend playing Era either in midfield or as a forward. Her kit is based around buffing, debuffing, and harassing the opposing team. She is also incredibly strong at knocking out opponents or clearing space. You can play Era as a goalkeeper, but overall she is better suited for offense.

Her Flutter Fly ability is a great tool, especially when you are pushing a counterattack. This gives all players on your team a speed boost as long as they are in the casting area. Bewitching Beam is your option for harassing opposing players. This shrinks them and lowers their power, allowing your team to push through them. You should be using Bewitching Beam any chance you have, so watch its cooldown and don’t be afraid to spam it.

Her real claim to fame is her special, though. Magic Maelstrom is an incredible ability that clears the arena and scores knockoffs early. We recommend dropping this near the opposing team’s goal, preferably angled to push them into the goal or off the sides. Your opponents must clear the area, or they risk being knockout. Either way, this leads to an open goal and an easy shot.

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