Scizor has been one of the most unique additions that has ever come to this MOBA. It is the only Pokémon as of yet that can choose not to evolve: it can either stay as Scyther, or evolve into Scizor at level 5. Despite it being an All-Rounder, Scizor can certainly be taken into the jungle and end the game with quite the number of KOs.

Which moves should Pokémon Unite players use on Scizor?

Figuring out which moves to use on Scizor is rather simple, seeing as one decision is already made for it. At level 5, Scyther needs to learn Bullet Punch in order to actually evolve into Scizor; if it learns Dual Wingbeat instead, it will remain as Scyther.

Bullet Punch is very important for Scizor’s performance anyways, though. Since the move also heals, it gives Scizor a decent amount of longevity in fights. It should outlast most squishies in the game with Bullet Punch.

Scizor users should pair Bullet Punch with Swords Dance, as the two moves synergize together nicely. Aside from the Attack buff, Swords Dance will also trigger an area of effect attack if Scizor hits an enemy 8 times. Since Bullet Punch is a multi-hit move, it has a much better shot at reaching that 8 hit threshold.

As for items, it really depends on whether or not the user wants to stack. If yes, then an Attack Weight is necessary, along with a Muscle Band for damage output and likely a Focus Band to keep it alive. Otherwise, Attack Weight can be replaced with Scope Lens or Razor Fang.

Scizor also really benefits from using a Full Heal as a battle item. This Pokémon wants to be in the middle of fights, so the worst thing that could happen to it is getting put to sleep or falling victim to other crowd control. Full Heal will allow Scizor to shake all of that off (and it’s also nice to completely stop Gengar in its tracks).

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