Most enemies in V Rising have special Blood Types that you can feed on to gain stat buffs that can make or break fights. Each Blood Type has five levels based on the quality of the blood. Here are the best Blood Types to use.

Best Blood Type for Farming: Worker

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The Worker Blood Type is obtained from miners and non-aggressive human enemies typically found on farms and in mines. This Blood type is perfect to use when farming resources as it buffs your resource yield and the time it takes to harvest from resource objects.

  • Level One: Rewards 10 to 30 percent increased Resource yield.
  • Level Two: Rewards 15 to 25 percent increased damage against resource objects.
  • Level Three: Rewards 10 to 20 percent increased mount Gallop Speed.
  • Level Four: Rewards 3 percent chance to instantly destroy a resource.
  • Level Five: Rewards Boost all above effects by 30 percent.

Best Blood Type for Bosses: Warrior

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The Warrior Blood Type is obtained by feeding on soldiers found in Bandit or Militia encampments. The Warrior Blood Type can give you an edge in tough encounters as it directly buffs your physical power (damage), reduces weapon skill cooldowns, and reduces your overall damage taken.

  • Level One: Rewards 10 to 20 percent increased physical power.
  • Level Two: Rewards 8 to 15 percent reduced cooldown on weapon skills.
  • Level Three: Rewards 10 to 20 reduced damage taken and 25 percent increased damage when striking enemies at full health.
  • Level Four: Rewards 15 percent chance to nullify damage from an attack. Nullifying damage increases your own damage by 25 percent.
  • Level Five: Rewards a boost to all other Warrior Blood Type buffs by 30 percent.

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