Talbot Grimes, also known as the Blight, in Dead by Daylight (DBD) is the ambitious alchemist who failed miserably at attempting to enhance humanity and is now successfully, one of the top-ranked Killers in the game. This Blight build descends any hope for escape or survival, so far beyond the possibility of revitalization, it’s honestly unfair.

Best Blight Builds in Dead by Daylight

It’s a genuinely fun Killer build, that will drive all Survivors completely mad, in every Trial it’s tested in. The heavily applied pressure on all Generators this build provides will persistently challenge Survivors, with aggressive and absolute gross control of the maps. The Blight’s Add-ons, Compound Twenty-One and Canker Thorn assists the build by revealing the Survivors’ auras and reducing the Killer’s Rush Fatigue time.

Image of Dead by Daylight Blight via Behaviour Interactive
Image via Behaviour Interactive

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  • Corrupt Intervention (Plague Perk)
    • At the beginning of the Trial, this Perk blocks the three generators farthest from the Killers location for up to 120 seconds, depending on Tier Level. For as long as Combat Intervention is active, Survivors will be unable to repair these generators, causing them to tend to the generators located closer to the Killer.
  • Tinkerer (Hillbilly Perk)
    • When a generator is repaired to 70 percent, the Tinkerer triggers a Loud Noise notification and grants the Killer the Undetectable Status Effect for up to 16 seconds, depending on Tier Level
  • Hex: Ruin (Hag Perk)
    • Slow down the regression speed of all damaged generators by up to 200 percent, depending on Tier Level. Ruin will immediately begin its curse on all generators that are left unrepaired, lasting for as long as the Hex Totem stands.
  • Pop Goes the Weasel (Clown Perk)
    • After hooking a Survivor, the next generator broken by the Killer is regressed instantly by up to 25 percent of its total progression, depending on Tier Level.

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