If you have ever looked into Liyue’s four-star units, you will learn that they are incredibly powerful. Genshin Impact may have introduced a lot of new characters, but characters like Beidou are still reigning in the Spiral Abyss. Beidou is an excellent support unit, especially when built correctly.

Beidou has two really strong abilities that make her a must. Holding in her elemental skill creates an electro shield, and her elemental burst summons electro eels that circle the on-field player. This gives her the ability to help protect the team and cause reactions.

Here is the best build for Beidou:

  • Emblem of Severed Fate Artifact Set: Beidou will receieve a 20 percent increase to energy reacharge and her burst damage will be increased by 25 percent, up to a total of 75 percent.
  • Wolf’s Gravestone: Wolf’s Gravestone increased Beidou’s attack by 20 percent and when she hits an opponent under 30 percent health, the entire party recieves a 40 percent attack boost for 12 seconds.

Best Party Members For Beidou

Beidou is a versatile unit due to the fact that she both provides easy reaction opportunities and a shield. She is a great character to use in Inazuma, where more electro enemies are present, and she fits into a variety of team comps. If you need an off-field character to provide electro damage, then Beidou is one of your best choices.

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