State of Survival is a game where you fight hordes of zombies while trying to establish some semblance of civilization and safety in your base of operations. You must always think in advance to achieve that because building a floor can be tricky. Check out the best base designs for State of Survival to create a functional and great-looking post-apocalyptic town.

Base Layout Ideas for State of Survival

How you build a base in State of Survival is crucial for success in the fight against undead and other players. As this is a city-building simulation, you’ll find yourself in familiar surroundings if you’ve ever played some of the best building games like Tropico, Cities: Skylines, Ceaser III, SimCity, Settlers, etc. Here are some excellent base layout ideas to help you create the best base in SoS.

Tight-knit Base in State of Survival

The ideal scenario for every base-building game is when you succeed in bringing together efficiency and attractive visual design. You can do that if you put effort into this. Of course, aesthetics are entirely secondary here, as your success depends on the efficiency of your settlement. So, to build a tight-knit base, try to adhere to inputs the game gives you, and focus on the most important buildings and upgrades like:

  1. Headquarters
  2. Hero Precinct
  3. Command station
  4. Training camps
  5. Research center

This upgrading order is universal for all base designs in State of Survival. It’s just a matter of strategizing what building you will focus on.

Headquarters focused base in State of Survival

Headquarters is the heart of your base and the most important building, beside the hero precinct. But at the same time, HQ needs the most time and resources to upgrade. To avoid crises, try to have a steady stream of resources by regularly gathering and using State of Survival gift codes. Do other building on the go, but always put heroes and main base building on top of priorities.

Time-efficient base design in State of Survival

If you have ever played any game where finding important things on a map is essential, you know how good base design can spare you from “Where’s Waldo” moments. Instead of roaming around the base, build everything in the center. That way, you’ll spend less time managing the base to focus on other things. It may not look cool, but it’s convenient.

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