Auto clickers can be used across multiple platforms for various purposes but typically serve as a form of auto-farming, or auto-collecting, for coins, items, or anything else that runs on a timer-based system in video games.

Auto clickers are usually banned, or at least frowned upon, in the gaming community, as they can give an unfair advantage to those who use them and are often seen as a form of cheating. This is especially the case in Roblox, where using an auto clicker is an immediately ban-able offense as listed in their Terms of Service.

This doesn’t mean that auto clickers are unavailable to download, it simply means that by utilizing them, you are fully aware of the consequences that will occur to your account if you are caught. Auto clickers also carry the possibility of breeching your device’s privacy and security, as they oftentimes have to be downloaded and installed from sketchy websites that require multiple steps—some that go as far as jailbreaking your phone or tablet.

If you still feel as though the auto clicker is worth the trouble after recognizing these consequences, we have compiled a few YouTube videos below that can help you get started.

Downloading apps/injecting form websites

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Physical device

Unlike any auto clicker apps or websites, the method below does cost money. It doesn’t require any malicious software or outside data to be downloaded onto your device! It’s a bit of a clunky set-up, but if you’re looking for an auto clicker without the extra trouble, then this may be for you!

Note: Remember that auto clickers are a bannable offense in Roblox no matter the situation or method—you’ve been warned!

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