So the question is finally upon us: which game pushes our APM to the utmost limit for sixty seconds, then makes us do nothing while it plays itself for the next sixty seconds?

5. Dota Underlords

Image via Valve

The spiritual successor to the original Auto Chess (which was a mod for Warcraft 3) This version of Auto Chess was produced by Valve and lets you take all of your favorite Heroes from Dota 2 to construct a team in an attempt to become the Underlord.

4. Auto Chess

Image via Epic Games

No, we don’t mean the new one by the same name. Yes, we mean the original mod for Warcraft 3 we previously mentioned. It certainly had its problems, but the game has an undeniable charm and came from a place of pure love and creative ingenuity. It’s also still just downright fun even when compared to the dozens of successors to the genre.

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3. Legion TD 2

Image via AutoAttack Games

This unique interpretation of the Autobattler genre is a fantastic game. It lets you build up a line of characters to defend yourself in a Tower Defense style alongside two other people. The catch is that you’ll be pit against another team of three, and the goal isn’t to outlast a set number of waves; it’s to purchase units to overwhelm your enemy before they overwhelm you.

2. Super Auto Pets

Image via Team Wood Games

This game is simple, cute, free, and absolutely insane. Just lead with the deer who becomes a bus upon defeat that gets buffed by the parakeet and buffs the kangaroo that’s behind it every time it attacks. Don’t worry—it’ll make sense eventually. And with an asynchronous battle mode, you can take your time in between fights until you do understand it.

1. Teamfight Tactics

Image via Riot Games

If Auto Chess is the progenitor of the genre, then TFT is the mascot. TFT has a well-known cast of characters from League of Legends, a massive budget for development courtesy of Riot Games, constant balancing and patches based on player feedback (though these certainly aren’t always perfect or well-received), and a massive player base that encourages competitive growth.

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