If you want to improve at Warzone you might pay a bit more attention to your audio settings. It can give a lot of advantages to hear your enemy more precisely.

  • Audio Mix: Boost Low / Boost High
  • Master Volume: between 80% and 100%
  • Music Volume: 0%
  • Dialogue Volume: between 65% and 75%
  • Effects Volume: between 90% and 100%
  • Jaggernaut Music: disabled
  • War Tracks Volume: between 25% and 35%
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects: whatever you prefer (I use Classic)

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Audio Mix

We recommend Boost Low or Boost High because it enhances the sounds of footsteps which is the most important aspect of audio settings, but you should remember to test out all of the presets and find the one that suits you the best. Many of the professional players use Boost High for example.

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Tip: When you are inside a building you could leave the doors open or break a window to hear footsteps more clearly, but it might reveal your location.

Audio Volume

Master Volume heavily depends on your headphones or speaker volume. You should, however, play on higher settings to hear everything better. Music Volume can be distracting so we would advise turning it off completely in certain scenarios. As for Dialogue Volume and Effects Volume, it all depends on preferences, but it is important to hear both character voice lines and the effects of the battle.

Remaining Settings

There is no advantage in juggernaut music, and as for Hit Marker Sound Effects, it is completely up to you. We personally use Classic.

Tip: We recommend playing multiplayer games with headphones for a better experience. Doing so privides more immersion and advantage over opponents.

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