Ashes of war are weapons skills in Elden Ring that you can apply to your weapons. These can do a range of things from offensive attacks to defensive or support skills. Here are the best Ashes of War that you should use.


Gravitas is an area of effect Ash of War that will pull enemies towards you and deal damage to all could in the effect. This Ash of War is great when surrounded by multiple enemies to stagger them closer to you.

This Ash of War can be found on the beach near the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace in South Lymgrave.

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Bloody Slash

Bloody Slash is a great melee Ash of war that does will slash through multiple enemies. This Ash of War is great for arcane, bleed, or tank Builds. From a low stance, coat the blade in your blood to unleash rending blood slash in a wide arc. The slash deals a large amount of damage but will cost some health per slash.

This Ash of War can be found at the top of Fort Haight in Limgrave, The Knight here will need to be defeated to receive this ash of war.

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Glinstone Phalanx

This Ash of War is the same as the Glinstone Phalanx spell, however, it is attached to a weapon. This Ash of War summons magic glintblades above your head which will attack foes automatically. This Ash of War does tremendous poise damage and can knock down most enemies for a follow-up critical hit.

This Ash of War can be obtained after defeating Godrick the Grafted. Travel to Roundtable Hold and talk to the Sorcerer Rogier, he will give you Rogier’s Rapier, the Ash of War is attached to this weapon and can be moved to another weapon of your choice.

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Barricade Shield

Barricade Shield is the best shield Ash of War as it is more than halves the stamina damage you take from blocking an attack. This effect will last more than a minute. By pairing this Ash of War with a 100 physical negation shield, you can block enemies entire attack combos while still having stamina left to guard counter.

This Ash of War can be obtained by defeating the Night’s Cavalry in Weeping Pennisula. Travel to the Castle Morne Ramparts Site of Grace, and wait until nightfall.

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