Whereas most role-playing games assign character classes from the beginning, Ashes of Creation uses Archetypes to steer characters towards certain roles that players can later refine. Players will have a Primary Archetype and a changeable secondary Archetype.

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Primary Archetypes

Players will choose from eight Archetypes in the character creation stage of the game. This decision is final, so take care choosing your Archetype. This choice will dictate your character’s primary role all throughout the game, so really consider whether you’d rather play as a tank or a healer.

Secondary Archetypes

Players will be able to choose a second Archetype upon reaching level 25. Gaining this second Archetype opens four schools of abilities augments that allow players further skill modifications. Secondary Archetypes are changeable, likely through a process of traveling to a specific location and paying a fee.

Combining a Primary and Secondary Archetype is what gives characters a Class, though there is currently no further details on the benefits of Classes.

The Eight Archetypes


A tank’s job is to control a fight, to help the party mitigate incoming damage, and to dictate who is getting hit. They can take an unconscionable amount of punishment, and woe to those who ignore their commands.


In a world of high magic, no party would be complete without a Mage. Masters of the arcane, they bring terrible elements to bear in devastating spells. If reality needs changing in some fashion, ask a Mage to help.


The Fighter is an expert in physical combat. A master of many weapons, this warrior strikes fear into the heart of his foes.


In such a dangerous world, a Cleric is never wanting for friends. They can protect their allies in a number of ways, and when necessary, snuff the life out of others. Masters over the very essence of life, they can sense the broken and corrupted.


The Rogue is a master of opportunity, using skill, positioning, and the environment to dish out frightening amounts of damage. In their downtime, they provide solid utility, helping their friends navigate dangers otherwise unseen.


The Summoner is never alone. Two hands are good, but in the Summoner’s opinion, four hands are always better. With the right tool for every job, there’s no situation they can’t handle.


Death from afar is the Ranger’s raison d’etre. A master of the bow and ranged combat, the Ranger is more than happy to let others get their hands dirty. No one else has such a keen eye in natural environments.


Truly a force multiplier, the Bard weaves songs of glory and conquest, inspiring his comrades to even greater heights. The Bard knows secret and powerful words, able to speak into being terrible nightmares, or to convince foes to become friends.

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