Are you looking for teammates to party up with in Apex Legends? While there is no harm in solo queuing to improve your skills, the game can be quite challenging at higher ranks. Fighting entire squads alone at any rank is a risky move, and will eventually affect your RP. Instead, players can team up with others by joining a few active Discord servers. Here is a list of Apex Legends LFG Discord servers that will help you get a few teammates before hopping in a match.

Apex Legends LFG Discord Servers

Apex Legends Official Discord

The official developer-supported Apex Legends Discord server is the best place to find teammates. There are different channels for every region, and players can read the LFG rules before queuing in. You can also stay updated with the latest changes and news related to the game on this server.

Apex Legends Console Discord

Apex Legends Console Discord is another popular server where you can find other players to team up with. This is a 15+ server, meaning players will have to be 15 years old to join and look for teammates.

Apex Legends Status Discord

The Apex Legends Status Discord is a community-run server with several players from all across the globe. Besides the latest news and updates, you will find plenty of teammates in different time zones to team up with in-game.

LFG Global

LFG Global is a popular Discord server for several games, and you will find teammates for almost every online game here. Read the server rules, and join the appropriate channels to find squadmates for Apex Legends.

Battlecord | Apex

Battle Cord is another popular community-run Apex Legends Discord server. Their server guide features a list of options that players can choose from while looking for teammates. You will find squadmates for all game modes in Apex Legends on this server.

Players can also join Discord servers of popular content creators, data miners, and community experts. You will find players of every rank, available to play in various regions. Players will also get to participate in the community events and giveaways hosted on these servers. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Ayy TonyRomero
  • Thordan Smash
  • The Gaming Merchant
  • Rag Tagg

A new Legend will be introduced in Apex Legends Season 14, and players cannot wait to unlock Vantage. Several weapon changes are also coming to the game, along with Crafting and Care Package rotations. The Reforged Kings Canyon map will also arrive in the game, with several changes implemented to make it better for the ranked battle royale.

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