ADC stands for Attack Damage Carry, and in this role, you focus on building up high damage and carrying your team in the late game. Smite is home to over 100 playable Gods, and around a quarter of them are considered ADC Gods. Here are the best ADC Gods in Smite.

Before we get into our list, it wouldn’t be right not to talk about Neith. She is widely considered the easiest God to play and does not come near the top of the best ADC Gods. However, everyone who has ever played Smite has tried their hand at Neith and experienced her basic but reliable ability set, and in a way that makes her worthy of an honorable mention.


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The Slavic Lord of Darkness is the perfect picture of what an ADC should be. He has an ability that increases his attack speed and an escape ability which basically ensures he will not die, or at least not easily. That, paired with his strong global Ultimate ability, makes him a huge asset to the team.

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This God of Music has been one of the most popular ADC Gods since the game’s launch. This is due to his high survivability. His songs will increase his ability to survive physical attacks, and his dash can get him away from a fight quickly. His greatest escape will be his Golden Chariot Ultimate, which can be summoned to pick Apollo up, making him invulnerable and allowing him to fly away from danger. Also, how can you not love those finger guns?


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The God of Love dishes out everything but love on his adversaries in the Duo Lane. He has one of the longest dashes out of any of the ADC Gods and uses it to ensure his prey does not escape too easily. His biggest strength is his ability to Crowd Control. This makes him a very disruptive force on the battlefield.


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The Egyptian Slayer of Enemies is just that, an enemy slayer. This God is a strong ADC due to his aggressive carry potential. He has powerful auto-attacks and is considered one of the game’s best snipers. His ability to erect walls helps in multiple ways, whether it be stopping a charging enemy in their tracks or impaling them for a high damage window. He may take more skill than other Gods, but he can outplay any who cross him once he is mastered.

So there you have it, those are the Best ADC Gods in Smite. While these Gods are not without their weaknesses, no one would judge you if you were scared to match up against them in the Duo Lane or ran from a team fight when they showed up.

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