The 12M Auto is one of the very few Shotguns featured in Battlefield 2042. It should be evident from the weapon’s name that it is fully automatic. As such, it makes for the most potent close-quarters combat gun in the game. Here’s a guide to the best 12M Auto loadout and attachments.

Best 12M Auto Loadout Battlefield 2042

  • Sight – Fusion Holo
  • Ammunition – #1 Buckshot Shell / Drum
  • Underbarrel – LS-1 Laser Sight
  • Barrel – Shortened Barrel

You can operate well with the weapon’s iron sights, but putting a clear scope like the Fusion Holo helps with visibility. Out of the various ammunition attachments available, we recommend using the Drum magazine.

Since it is a full-auto weapon, you run out of ammo fast and having more shells always helps. Other great ammunition options include the following:

  • Flechette Shell – Increases damage against infantry but reduces range.
  • Slug Shell – Increases range of the 12M Auto Shotgun.

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Next up, equip the Laser underbarrel for better hipfire accuracy. Finally, the Shortened Barrel boosts the fire rate even further while hurting the bullet velocity. The reduction in projectile speed shouldn’t be a concern because we are using Shotgun for close-quarters only.

You can also try out the classic pump-action shotgun, the MCSs-880, for a change of pace. It sure isn’t fully automatic, but packs more firepower and has a better effective range than the 12M Auto.

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