Here’s your chance to run the finest bear-owned and operated bed and breakfast this side of the forest! In Bear and Breakfast, you play as Hank the bear and work to turn a rundown shack into a cozy spot to stay the night. Here’s how you can unlock the crafting table and uncover blueprints to transform each bed and breakfast into a stunning resort.

How to unlock the crafting table in Bear and Breakfast

Before you can get blueprints you’ll need the crafting table, which Barbara gives you as a reward for helping to fix up the Eastern Cabin. Her quest line contains a few parts. First, she’ll ask you to pick up all the garbage in and around the Eastern Cabin. Once you’ve done this, check back in and she’ll give you a list of resources that she needs to fix the place up.

  • 10 Plywood Planks
  • 5 Copper Plates
  • 5 Iron Nails
  • 10 Stone Bricks

The Eastern Cabin contains the plywood planks, copper plates, and iron nails. To get the stone bricks, move southwest until you hit the river. Then look for shiny objects on the riverbank. This will take you to the stone pile. Grab 10 and head back to Barbara.

Talk to Barbara after she’s fixed the cabin and she’ll build a Crafting Table on the left side of the Eastern Cabin. When she makes the Crafting Table, Barbara will also give you a blueprint for the Bedroom Bed.

How to find blueprints in Bear and Breakfast

Blueprints can be obtained through three different methods:

  1. Storyline progression
  2. Purchasing blueprints from the Pawn Voyage truck
  3. Side quests

Pawn Voyage trucks show up in each city. Certain blueprints are unlocked through side quests which can then be purchased from the Pawn Voyage truck, so when in doubt your best bet is to always refer back to the truck.

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