The current weekly missions in Battlefield 2042 have an exclusive, rare weapon charm as a reward. You can complete the three challenges to receive the Lucky Break Charm or your weapons. Here’s a list of all the week seven missions and how to complete them.

  1. Mission: 25 Ribbons earned
    • There are five different Ribbons awarded in a match and each one has three tiers. Here’s how the Ribbons work and how to get them:
      • Objective – Play for the objective
      • Wingman – Assist and revive teammates
      • Logistics – Provide heal and supply to others, repair vehicles
      • Intel – Scout the enemies
      • Combat – Get kills and kill assists
  2. Mission: 50 enemies killed and kills assisted
    • It’s pretty straightforward, earn 50 kills and assists.
  3. Mission: 2,000 damage inflicted
    • Deal damage to the enemies.
    • Damage to vehicles also counts towards this.
    • This and the second mission can go hand in hand.

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After completing all three missions, the reward will be added to your inventory. The Lucky Break Charm can be equipped in the Loadout menu from the Hardware Appearance tab. Moreover, completing these weekly missions will grant you a total of 15,000 XP which will add to your in-game level progression.

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