It’s another Discord outage, which has annoyingly become more common these days as the app continues to be the most popular source for communication and voice chats at work. Many users are receiving multiple error messages trying to connect to Discord, including a “bad network request server error.”

Typically, Bad Network usually means there is an issue with a user’s connection to a network/wi-fi. Under normal circumstances, a user can fix it by reconnecting to the wi-fi. First, a user needs to make sure that the wi-fi is working for other applications and devices. If the wi-fi works on other services, then it is an issue just with Discord, and that usually means the problem is on Discord’s end rather than the user’s.

Restarting Discord could fix the Bad Network error, and if that doesn’t work, a user may need to restart their computer. Disconnecting from the wi-fi and reconnecting the wi-fi may also fix the Bad Network error. If that doesn’t work, a user may need to reset the router by turning it off and on again. Sometimes users will need to completely unplug the router and plug it back in to fix it.

Another possibility for the Bad Network error is because a user is trying to access a network or wi-fi that they don’t have permission to use. For example, a user may try using a wi-fi connection from a nearby business but wasn’t given full rights to use it. A user can either reconnect to a different network or use a VPN to get around that.

However, all these troubleshooting solutions are only under normal circumstances. The Discord outage that is happening currently is on Discord’s end. It has nothing to do with the user’s network, and the only thing a user can do is wait and see when Discord solves the issues.

Keep checking on Discord’s Twitter account and Discord Status webpage to remain informed about the current outage. Also, stay on GameTips.PRO for all things gaming and news.

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