Assassin’s Creed Valhalla presents numerous choices which players must make to progress through the campaign. One of these choices includes identifying the traitor in Soma’s inner circle. However, making the wrong choice would

The traitor storyline comes to play when you are completing quests from the Grantebridgescire region. You will be presented with three choices and will have to present logical reasons for suspecting one of the three captains in Soma’s inner circle.

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Soma’s inner circle of captains includes Birna, Galinn and Lif. Out of these three, Galinn is the traitor who helped Wigmund take control of Grantebridgescire. The hunt for the traitor begins when Eivor meets Soma to help her take control of the Grantebridgescire region.

Players will have to interact with Soma before accusing any of the three captains. She will ask a set of questions that you will have to answer with respect to each suspect.

Birna and Lif are Soma’s most trusted generals, and they will become an ally once you identify Galinn as the traitor. Identifying Galinn early on will automatically recruit Birna as a Jomsvikings.

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If you identify the wrong captain then Eivor’s relation with Soma becomes difficult, and Galinn becomes an extra boss fight. He will eliminate the remaining captain in Soma’s ranks and will claim Grantebridge. Try not to get confused by the clues which point towards Lin as the traitor. The yellow paint that is found as evidence was in fact stolen from Lin.

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