Everyone needs a break from all the murdering in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, so why not take a breather and fish for a while, and hey, at the same time, why not make a profit and sell those fish! The money could go towards upgrading your weapons for more killing! It’s the perfect cycle!

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla How to Fish

Learning how to fish in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is straightforward. After you’ve reached Settlement Rank 2 and built a fishing hunt, you can then fish in any body of water by pressing down on the D-pad to bring up the command wheel and choose the fishing pole.

Once the fishing hut is completed by building it for 600 supplies and 45 raw materials, talk to the small child located there, and they’ll give you the fishing line, which you can use to fish with! To fish is very simple. First, head to any body of water, but preferably one in which you can see fish swimming. Press down on the D-pad to open up the command wheel and select the fishing line.

After the line has been selected, all you need to do is aim the fishing line with the left trigger and then cast the line out using the right trigger. Be patient, and you should feel the controller rumble when a fish has bitten on the line. Or watch the hook go under the water with a loud sploosh! Once this has happened, hit the right trigger to hook them! Then swiftly mash the A/X button to reel the fish in while pulling the left thumbstick towards you!

This might be easier at first with the smaller fish, but once you start fishing for the bigger fish, they’ll offer a lot more resistance, which you’ll notice with how red the line becomes! On the bigger or rarer fish, you don’t want to mash A/X as fast as humanly possible as there’s a good chance the line will snap, causing you to lose the fish. The best way to catch the bigger fish is to relax on the mashing of A/X periodically, so the line goes from red back to normal. Keep alternating between the two colors and be patient, and you’ll be a fishing master in no time!

You have two options when you have caught the fish; you can sell if for some silver or turn it in at the Fishing Hut! If you are strapped for money, fishing is a good way to earn it, not as good as raiding, but it involves less killing! Fish is also an emergency way to heal if there are no berry bushes around you.

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