Vikings have a few methods to traverse the world, the first in a Viking Longboat; in that day and age, whoever owns the sea can win any wars! Though they often go charging into battle, having another method of traveling by land is essential, especially for Eivor. This is where you can summon a mount to make that traveling around take less time than ever before. Sure, you can fast travel, but it’s getting to the places in between!

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla How to Change Your Mount

To change your mount in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you must have made progress into the game where you are building your settlement in New England. You can find Stables in the open-world, but these won’t appear till you are on England itself and begun the quests there.

Once you begin creating your settlement, you can build a stable, which allows you to change your mounts and buy new ones. To do this, you must speak to the stable master, just approach him nearby the stables and interact with him. All the mounts you already have are available for you to change based on your whim; this also includes the Berserker DLC item the wolf mount. However, the wolf mount appears over time, so it might not be there the second you build the stables. It will show up, though!

The open-world stables, if you are in dire need of a change, then keep a lookout for a Horse Icon to appear on your map, as this is the stable that offers a similar service to your own stables!

For a trusty steed, it needs a valuable rider worthy enough to ride it, so get ready to embody that Viking spirit and head on to the tattoo shop and get yourself some new tattoos as well as a new hairstyle!

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