A new update has just gone live for the Artifact Beta 2.0! This patch was made available on July 30th, 2020 and includes some card text changes, as well as quite a few gameplay adjustments. Reflected damage does not count as battle damage, hand of god has been changed, Full Bloom has had its cost reduced, Twisted Path got a cooldown increase, and Lightning Strike and Bolt of Damocles damage is now Piercing! There’s a whole lot more changes that can be found below in the official patch notes from Valve.

Card Text

  • Moment of Courage clarified to indicate that Legion Commander must survive combat.
  • Objective Vision text clarified to indicate its effect is based on the hero’s maximum health.
  • Veteran’s Insight text clarified to indicate that its effect triggers on battle damage to units, rather than any battle damage.


  • Reflected damage of all kinds does not count as battle damage.
  • Tiny’s Grow ability cannot be purged anymore.
  • Venomancer gains Poison Sting: When Venomancer and allied Plague Wards deal damage to a unit or tower, give it +1 Decay until its next combat phase.
  • Relentless Pursuit targets enemies with an empty position across from them instead of unblocked enemies.
  • Demolishing Warhammer changed to +5 damage when attacking a tower.
  • Blade of the Vigil changed to grant +5 cleave.
  • Claszureme Hourglass changed to: After Combat: Bounce this hero. Active: Bounce the unit blocking equipped hero.
  • Vesture of the Tyrant cost increased to 25.
  • Guardian Greaves healing changed to be temporary health.
  • Spirit Vessel now grants +2 mana.
  • Hand of God changed to: Give allied heroes in all lanes +4 health until death.
  • In Full Bloom cost reduced to 3.
  • Twisted Path cooldown increased to 2.
  • Blue abilities that trigger on blue spells or enchantments being played now trigger on all spells and enchantments, not just blue.
  • Abilities that triggered on a colored card play now trigger on any non-item card play.
  • Earthshaker, Zeus, Skywrath, Vanessa, Pierpont, Crystal Maiden gain +1 attack.
  • Shattered Terrapin changed to: Play Effect: Reduce Shattered Terrapin to 3 Health. When healed, transform Shattered Terrapin into Terrapin Greatshell.
  • Terrapin Greatshell: Untargetable. Terrapin Greatshells’ neighbors are Untargetable. stats increased to 4 / 2 / 5.
  • Tinker Laser damage reduced to 2.
  • Tinker attack reduced to 2.
  • Timbersaw health reduced to 6.
  • Thunderstorm cost reduced to 4, now deals Piercing damage.
  • Arc Bolt damage is now Piercing.
  • Lightning Strike damage is now Piercing.
  • Bolt of Damocles damage is now Piercing.


  • Quill Sprays triggered by Bristleback’s passive no longer count as battle damage.
  • Fixed the private lobby setting for disabling Blink Scrolls.
  • Fixed a bug where Skullduggery left gaps in your opponent’s hand.
  • Fixed some inconsistent tooltips for Track and Untargetable keywords.


  • Redesigned the rank changed popup.

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