Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is a Battle Royale with a massive player base. Being an online multiplayer title, the game utilizes servers that are spread across the world. Sometimes, these servers may go offline due to malfunctions or be taken down during scheduled maintenance work. Whatever the reason may be, here are some methods to check if Warzone servers are active or not.

How to check Call of Duty: Warzone server status

You can find out the online status of Warzone servers by the following three ways:

  • Check if the servers are active on the Activision Support website.
  • Use Downdetector to check for any mass complaints or report one yourself.
  • Following the Twitter handle for Call of Duty and Activision Support for any relevant updates.

Activision Online Services status website

The Online Services section of the Activision Support website allows you to check the server status for all major online games owned by the studio, including the Call of Duty titles. If the webpage says “All Platforms Online,” that is a good sign that the servers are working properly.


The next and most effective way to check the Warzone server status is by using the Downdetector website. If there’s a widespread server problem faced by players, they can report it on the website. When you see a surge in complaints over time, then the server is definitely facing an issue.

Call of Duty social media pages

Twitter is the best social media application to stay updated with Call of Duty: Warzone news. The developers use their accounts to not only share content updates like new report player features, but also to notify players of any ongoing or upcoming server maintenance or downtime.

If you cannot find any signs of a server malfunction or inactivity, the problem is most likely with your device or internet connection. In this case, make sure that your internet is working properly and has optimum speed. Then, try restarting your device and updating your game. If the problem still persists, reach out to Activision Support for further assistance.

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