If you are wondering if there are any NPC survivors you can encounter in Project Zomboid, the answer is no. As of Build 41, there are currently no survivors present in the game, but this won’t always be the case. 

In short, the planned Build 43 and NPC updates for the game will eventually add both Survivors players can deal with and NPCs that will roam around on the map. Some other features that will come with the first wave of NPCs include the following

  • Rimworld style priority and jobs system
  • Story event systems
  • NPC Personality system
  • NPCs will be able to drive Vehicles

You are in for a treat if they want NPCs in Project Zomboid and will ultimately get an NPC experience similar to Rimworld. In addition, the game will potentially see a hunting system that includes wandering NPC animals

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A Faction system may also get added, including politics and inter-faction conflict systems. However, these more advanced NPC systems will most likely arrive at the tail end of the third NPC update.

Also, nothing is certain yet regarding factions, only just the basic features of NPCs, so take this part with a grain of salt. That said, the NPC update arrives in three parts after the Build 42 Expanded Building and Crafting Balance update. 

But there is no indication of when Build 42 will get released. Because of this, we will have to wait for future blog posts from the developers at Indie Stone to know more. If you want to know more about future updates, Build 42 and Build 43, check out the Indie Stone Blog. 

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