Neon White combines fast-paced FPS and platforming gameplay with the storytelling techniques of visual novels. This combination creates a unique experience with a thrilling story. That being said, you may be wondering if there is more than one ending in Neon White.

How many endings are there in Neon White?

Neon White has multiple ending— two, to be exact. There is a standard ending that can be achieved by simply completing the game. However, a true ending is much more difficult to obtain. This may leave you wondering how to get the true ending in Neon White.

How to get the true ending in Neon White

To get the true ending in Neon White, you have to meet two requirements. You must have gathered every gift and given them to their respective recipients. Before you challenge the final level, the game will ask you if you need to speak with anyone first—make sure you have given all gifts and spoken to every character.

Once you have beaten the final boss, you will be offered a choice between the Book of the Dead and the Book of Life. You will need to select the Book of Life. After that, you can sit back and enjoy Neon White’s true ending.

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