You are free to explore Tower of Fantasy’s world and experience everything it has to offer, either solo or with a group. In this shared open-world title, you can play with friends or strangers, but this begs the question of whether there are guilds in Tower of Fantasy.

Does Tower of Fantasy have guilds?

The answer is yes—but they are not called guilds in-game. Instead, you can create and join Crews, Tower of Fantasy’s version of guilds. We don’t have much information on them, but we do know that a Crew can hold up to 180 players before becoming full. You should also be on the same server as your Crewmates.

Crews are also likely the best way to play and experience everything Tower of Fantasy has to offer if you are interested in multiplayer. You can start a Crew with your friends, or you can join one at random. Either way, a Crew is a good way to challenge more difficult content and end game content.

You should also easily find other players for activities if you are part of a Crew. Some titles offer bonuses for playing with friends or guilds, which may also be true of Tower of Fantasy. Once the title launches, we will have more definite answers.

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