Enkanomiya is a strange area in Genshin Impact as it both part and not part of Inazuma at the same time. This means that things are quite different in the forgotten region. One of the very first things you will notice is that there isn’t even a statue of the seven for you to find, meaning that Kokomi’s descents didn’t worship the Raiden Shogun.

Enkanomiya, much like Dragonspine, doesn’t have oculi but instead has its own system in place using sigils. Sigils are scattered around the map in place of oculi and will make the same noise as an Electroculus when one pops up, and a small emblem will be displayed on your mini-map.

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Despite the lack of oculi, Enkanomiya does keep the electro sigil in place. You will be granted electro sigils by opening the chests, which can then be redeemed at the Sacred Sakura Tree on Narukami Island for rewards. The rarer the chest you find, the more electro sigils you can expect to earn from it, just like in the rest of Inazuma.

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