While Tower of Fantasy may have a robust character creation system, players will quickly find that as they acquire SR and SSR weapons, they have the option of transforming into different characters. Are these simply additional skins or are there benefits to completely ignoring all your hard work downloading some of the best skins in Tower of Fantasy?

What are Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy?

Simulacra are AI renderings of the weapons obtained as you play. Essentially, they are skins attached to the weapons. Once a weapon has been acquired, that skin can be used and once three of the same weapon are acquired, an alternate skin will unlock. However, Simulacra do have unique passive abilities, otherwise known as Traits. These are unlocked through Awakening which is simply giving them gifts.

How to change Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Open up the menu and click Simulacra. Select the character whose appearance you want to adopt and click Activate. To turn it off, click Remove Mimcrystate. Again, it’s not critical to any meta or progression system which skin you opt to use. You’re free to use any of these weapons with different Simulacra or your default character.

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