In FIFA 23, players get to explore various game modes that feature cross-play. Pro Clubs is one of the most popular game modes, and it features co-op multiplayer gameplay that you can play with friends. EA Sports’s official blog mentioned that the cross-play option is coming for several game modes. However, it will not be available for Pro Clubs. The technical complications in game modes in which players pair up like Pro Clubs wouldn’t suit the cross-play feature.

Is cross-play available for FIFA 23 Pro Club?

In FIFA 22, cross-play was featured in Online Friendlies and Online Seasons. This was expanded in FIFA 23 featuring a range of game modes that can be played together with friends over various platforms. Despite this expansion in FIFA 23, Pro Clubs will not have the cross-play option. Game modes like FUT Division Rivals will have cross-play enabled, however, without the co-op feature. Players using the same platform generation will get to enjoy cross-play in FIFA 23. Similarly, if you are looking forward to playing Ultimate Team, it will have crossplay enabled in online 1v1 modes.

Cross-play in FIFA 23 will be enabled for all players playing FIFA 23 for the first time, and it can be disabled from the on-screen notifications. Fans were looking forward to cross-play being available for Pro Clubs as it is one of the major game modes in the FIFA franchise. While there is no news on cross-play getting added to Pro Clubs later, we recommend players keep an eye on @EAFIFADirect official Twitter to see any changes coming to cross-play.

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