Are you having issues with PlayStation? It’s natural to wonder if you are the only one or if there is a bigger issue on the end of PlayStation. Try out these methods to determine what exactly is happening with PSN servers.

How to officially check Playstation Network server status

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The most official way to check the status of PSN and whether or not PlayStation’s servers are down is on the PSN Service Status Official Page. This page is where PlayStation continuously updates the status of its own PSN servers. While almost always accurate, players have occasionally claimed that PlayStation can be slow to recognize issues on their part. Take the site’s status as mostly true, with some possibility of PSN being slow to update.

Other ways to check PSN server status

If for some reason you do not trust the results you’ve gotten on the official PSN site or you just want further confirmation, there are other choices. Check out these unofficial avenues to determine the PSN server status.

Check Twitter

Twitter can be a valuable resource for real-time information and community discussion. You can search Twitter threads or PlayStation accounts to see what others are saying. Sometimes you’ll be able to see a flood of tweets that will also claim issues with PSN on their end.


A valuable resource for many online programs, Downdetector is a community-driven tool that determines if a service is down. It does this based on user reports, meaning that PSN users can go to the site and report if they are having issues. Once the reports go over a certain level, Downdetector will report that PSN servers are down.

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