Many are enjoying the Ready or Not game with all it offers, but some players may be looking for something more. Mods can be a great way to boost your gameplay and keep it from being stale. Ready or Not mods are easy to install, making them even more appealing for players.

Will mods be supported in Ready or Not?

VOID Interactive, the developer of Ready or Not, has confirmed the presence of mods in the game. On their site’s Ready or Not FAQ page, respond to whether or not the game supports level editing or mods:

Yes, we believe a game with this capability provides great opportunity for community engagement and for capable programmers to express their creativity.

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How to add mods in Ready or Not

To install a mod in the Ready or Not game, you’ll have to first go to your files on your PC. Find your steamapps folder, and then go to common, then ReadyOrNot. Once there, you’ll navigate to the Content folder, and lastly, the VO folder. Depending on what content you are replacing/augmenting, make sure to note the original file, so you don’t lose it. Finally, extract your mod files folder in the VO section. 

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