When you jump into Icarus and begin a mission, you may notice that each prospect has a timer attached to it. Icarus uses session-based gameplay, which means that players have that limit to complete their mission. Some players may be wondering if this timer is based on real-time.

The answer is yes—Icarus’ mission timers are based on real-time. This means that even when you close your game, your prospect’s timer will still be going. Players should consider this when closing their game. 

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Should your mission’s time run out while you are on the planet, your character will be permanently deleted and everything that character has accomplished. This will happen if you are in-game or if the game is closed as it is based on real-time.

Each mission will have a different timer, so players should double-check before starting and while playing. If you do not think you will make it back to the game before the timer reaches zero, you should accept your losses and return to orbit.

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