As one of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite has had its fair share of outages and downtime. Even when all systems are operational, the number of consistent players it has means it will always have someone who is having issues logging in. If you end up as one of those people that can’t seem to join the game, there are a couple of options to see if a connection issue for Fortnite is on the server end.

How to Check the Server Status

Option One: Official Epic Games Server Status Page

The official Epic Games Server Status page is the best option to check widespread issues by far. The page is usually updated as soon as Epic Games is aware of the issue, as well as when they fix it. You can also investigate the specific issue on this page, since it specifically states which online service is experiencing issues. You can check the official status page here: Epic Games Server Status.

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Option Two: Official Fortnite Status Twitter

Sometimes the official Fortnite Status Twitter account will announce that there is an issue before Epic Games status page gets updated. If you follow this account, you can change the settings to automatically notify almost any mobile device when there is an issue. If you’re hoping to know about any downtime without even checking, this is probably your best option. The only downside is that it may notify you of outages and issues that don’t affect you. You can check the Fortnite Status Twitter account here: Official Fortnite Status Twitter.

Option Three: Downdetector is a very well known website that serves as an effective means of seeing any player-reported outages. It can determine if a lot of players are experiencing the same issues as you when Fortnite isn’t reporting it on their status page or Twitter. If you see a spike in reports when you’re experiencing issues, you can safely assume that the issue is on the server’s end. However, with this page, it would still be wise to go through general network troubleshooting on your end. You can check the Downdetector report for Fortnite here: Downdetector Fortnite Status.

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