Escape From Tarkov is an online FPS with MMO elements and a large, growing player base. With so many players, long games, and large lobby sizes, Escape From Tarkov is bound to have server issues on occasion. Luckily, developer Battlestate Games and the Escape From Tarkov community have great sources to check on the status of the servers. To check if the servers are down, go to the Escape From Tarkov Status Website.

The status website gives detailed information about the Tarkov servers including real-time updates and server status for multiple areas like matchmaking, group lobbies, the launcher, and more. Players can even check a daily timeline to see if issues have persisted throughout the day.

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The official Battlestate Games Twitter account also keeps up with server issues and often posts updates if the servers are being worked on. The game is has been in the beta stage since 2017 and is recently growing in popularity due to Twitch streamers bringing more attention to the extremely technically advanced shooter. Servers have been struggling to keep up with so much activity, but if the servers are not down, the issue may be with your connection.

Screenshot via Battlestate Games YouTube

To check if the issue is the connection, first, check the server status, then check your PC’s network connection. If both are not an issue, unplug the modem and restart your PC. Doing this may solve the issue, but if an error message keeps popping up, you may have to reinstall the game. The error message usually will state “Server Connection Lost” or will come up as error 106015, which is a bad connection error. If the servers are down, there is not much players can do but wait and retry connecting to the game.

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