Enhanced Perks in Destiny 2 are perks that grant you edge when compared to standard weapons. Or so we thought. With the Day One Raid coming right around the corner, the entire community is scrambling to get the best loadout for their characters for a quick and easy completion of the Raid. When it comes to the effectiveness of these mods, it varies.

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The Enhanced Auto Loading Holster and the Enhanced Lasting Impression didn’t really impress the community that much. On the other hand, the Enhanced Pulse Monitor perk was so good that BattlEye detected it as a cheat. Bungie disabled the perk for now and is working on a fix.

That said, these Enhanced perks could be effective when it comes to the Raid. Sometimes you just need that one extra missile or those extra bullets which could help you get through that all important boss. Personally, we’ve worked with the Overflow perk and it does add a lot of extra bullets to your magazine. Having the Enhanced Overflow perk could throw in a dozen more bullets into the magazine, giving it even more life before you need to reload.

That said, the answer to the Enhanced Perk efficacy is still shrouded in a cloud of mystery. We’ll know how effective these perks are once the Day One race for the Raid is done.

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