Total War: Warhammer 3 features several playable races and factions at launch, one of them being the Great Cathay. The Eastern Empire is the biggest and one of the only two human races in the Warhammer 3 world.

The Cathay forces fight for their ruler, the immortal Dragon Emperor, and are led by his two Dragon children. The shapeshifter Dragons can mutate between their dragon and human forms in between battles. They fight to protect their lands from the wrath of Chaos Gods and Daemons.

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The first and strongest of the Dragon Lords is Miao Ying, the Storm Dragon. She is known for her magic, ferociousness, majesty, and powerful aura. Her brother is Zhao Ming, the Iron Dragon. He is considered equally powerful but is opposite in nature to Miao.

The warriors in the Cathay army rely on magic and human power to conquer their enemies. The forces are made up of descendants of the Dragons, alchemists, sorcerers, spearmen, archers, gunners, crossbowmen, lancers, sentinels, and horsemen. The infantry is further supported by airborne warships and rockets.

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