Our Archero How-to Get Pets, Equipment, and Upgrade Scrolls Guide features all of the information you’ll need to know on how to obtain each of these important items! If you’ve just started your journey in Archero, you might not have gotten any of these yet. Don’t worry about it though, you’ll soon find yourself collecting many of these items as you get further into the game.

How-to Get Pets, Equipment, & Scrolls in Archero

The unfortunate part about all of these is that it’s pretty much random. You don’t have a ton of control on how you obtain any of these items. You will be largely at the mercy of the RNG gods, and they are rarely kind!

How-to Get Pets & Equipment

Pets are one of the better things you can have in the game. You can have two of them equipped at once, and they’ll fly around you dealing damage to enemies in different ways. The other thing they are useful for is absorbing damage when you are able to get the Wingman ability.

Equipment helps you survive as well as increases your damage! You can get weapons, armor, rings, and pets to equip. Each of these items can be upgraded by using Coins, and you can fuse them together to create higher rarity items. There are multiple qualities of item, and as they get higher rarity they give you more ability to progress in the game. There’s Common, Great, Rare, Epic, Perfect Epic, and Legendary rarities.

Getting Pets & Equipment isn’t an exact science unfortunately. One of your only real options is opening one in a Golden or Obsidian Chest. This is pure RNG on what you get, and you’ll just have to grind it out or throw money at purchasing Gems. The other way is just a random drop in-game. Very rarely a piece of equipment or a pet will drop when you kill a monster! This is usually how you get your first piece of equipment, unless you’ve opened up a Chest or two.

Unfortunately, those are the only two real ways to get Pets & Equipment. You’ll just need to play a lot to hopefully get some drops, and also make sure to get your daily free Golden Chest, and your weekly free Obsidian Chest.

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How-to Get Upgrade Scrolls

Upgrade Scrolls are used for upgrading all of your equipment and pets. These are required along with Coins to upgrade your items. They can only be found by playing the game and them dropping from enemies. It appears they only start dropping for specific items when you have them equipped. The good thing about these, is that they start to drop pretty regularly as you get further into the game and have a full set of equipment.

There’s three types of Scrolls: Armor, Ring, Spirit (Pet), and Weapon. Each corresponds with the specific item type. You can upgrade items to a maximum level, and if you fuse them together with one that has been upgraded, it will retain the amount of levels it has been given.

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